Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Photos

If you’re anything like me, you have a box filled with either family photo albums or loose pictures.  Every now and then you sort through them, reminisce and laugh or cry.  You might remember some faces or events, but the further back you go, the less history you have at your disposal.  I’m lucky—my family members have identified many of the faces I don’t recognize, and my mother has done our family tree back about as far as I suppose you can take it. 
As a writer, when I look at pictures, sometimes I get to wondering.  Even if I know who the people in the photograph are, I still like to wonder and make up little stories about them.  Look at this group of troublemakers. 
I’ve fashioned a novel after this photo, a vintge-era story about a group of young men who go to war.  Some never come back, and some come back changed.  It’s a complex story wth a lot of characters (and some resemblance to the Kennedy clan), not yet complete.
But I haven’t put anything “on paper” for these two.  I’m not even sure who they are, we have several guesses.  When I put the picture up of Facebook, one of my friends commented that they probably had a deck of cards in their pocket, reading for some poker.  Another commented that they ‘should have pistols.’ 

What do you think?  Come up with a short line about “The Fellas” we can go round-robin to make a story…let's see how far we get.

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