Monday, October 15, 2012

Beignets: New Orleans Treat

A few weeks ago I went to New Orleans and spent a few days in the French Quarters.  Besides history, food was the next best thing in the Quarters. I fell in love with beignets.

Beignets were brought to New Orleans by the French colonists where they became part of the local cuisine. These tasty treats are French donuts and not to be confused with American donuts. I love donuts but beignets are different. They have a different taste, they are crispy and coated in confectioners sugar.  I loved them. Of course, they didn't do my thighs any favors!

I brought home a box of beignet mix from Cafe Du Monde. The Cafe Du Monde is located in the French market and all they sell is beignets and coffee 24 hours a day year round. Also, I have found that you can buy the mix at Kroger and the instructions are simple enough.

I have yet to give making my own beignets a try but I'm hoping to do so this weekend. Of course, many times my cooking adventures turn into disasters so I'm prepared for flat and chewy instead of light and fluffy! Have you ever tried making beignets?

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