Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Perfect Impostor

For me, tomorrow is the day that writers both anticipate and dread. My latest baby, The Perfect Impostor, hits the digital book shelves. What will people think? Will they appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating it? Will all those lonely hours pounding away at a keyboard, doing research, wrestling with edits, agonizing over every last comma, speech and internal thought process give pleasure or will readers simply shrug, wonder what I was on when I wrote it and look for something else?

Why do we do it?

Because we're writers, that's why. Because there's never been an easier time to go through the physical process of writing a novel. I attempted my first tome almost forty years ago. Promise not to laugh but I had to bash it out on an electric typewriter, using carbon paper so I could make a copy and white fluidy stuff to correct errors. There was none of this copying and pasting business, moving chunks of text around, correcting errors as I went and...well, you get the idea. My point is, you had to really want to do it.

Then there was research. Remember encyclopedias? No, not the on line type but the heavy dusty books that used to line shelves in houses and libraries. If you wanted information about a particular location, or house, you had to write to the local tourist board or National Trust and ask nicely. And I don't mean you sent an email. You actually had to put pen to paper, buy a stamp, find a post box...

Yep, times have changed. Modern technology had made the whole writing/research process, not to mention editing and communication a whole lot easier. But one thing will never change. That feeling of fear/anticipation that grips this particular writer on the eve of publication.

The Perfect Impostor a sparkling Regency mystery/romance now available from Carina Press and all good online ebook stores.

Stop by my website at where you can read the first chapter of The Perfect Impostor. I'm running a contest there. Just answer a simple question and you could win a copy of the book.

Good luck!


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