Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Drawing Room

A middle-class drawing room (Victorian era)
Before I became a voracious reader of the Regency era, an amateur researcher, and writer, if someone had told me they entertained their guests in the drawing room, I would have thought they were having an actual drawing party--crayons, pencils, chalk, markers, paper--the whole nine yards.

Why was it named the drawing room? It actually stems from the term withdrawing room or chamber. A host would take their guest to the withdrawing chamber to entertain them, or those of the household would withdraw their for privacy to relax.

Ladies might disperse after dinner to the drawing room for conversation, sewing, reading, a small (or many small) glasses of something tasty, while the men took to the cigar room for drinks, cigars and man-talk. (And I HAVE to add here, that while I was at the Romantic Times Convention a couple weeks ago, I went to a Jane Austen Happy Hour, where they let us taste several Regency era beverages--I enjoyed sherry and port! Give it a go, if you haven't already.) 

The Blue Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace
Perhaps the entire dinner party might converge upon the drawing room for some games or to listen to music. Or the family, if they aren't entertaining might take to the drawing room to listen to some music, read to each other, or just "be".

But mostly, the formal drawing room was used to entertain guests, and for those calling on you during the day--they would be taken to the drawing room where you'd receive them.

An eligible maiden, would entertain her suitors (with a chaperone of course) in the drawing room. She might also gossip with her friends in the drawing room over tea.

Today's drawing room, might be called a living room. I remember growing up, when we visited my grandparents, they had this WHITE room, I mean, everything was white. We weren't allowed in there unless it was a special holiday, we were dressed up and no shoes. It was very special to go into their white room, and we sat prim and proper on the very white couch.

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You've given a very good overview of the drawing room, Eliza!

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Thank you Rosemary :)

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