Sunday, December 04, 2011

Romancing a Christmas Past - Part 1

The Duchess of Claverham’s annual Winter Ball was the most anticipated event of the Christmas Season. Half of Surrey had descended on the Claverham’s country estate and Amelia Slockholme was one of the fortunate few to have been provided with a guest suite for the weekend. The rest were being accommodated at neighbouring estates as far as ten miles away and worse.

Amelia lifted her champagne glass high to avoid an elbow and made a slow path through the festive crush. An arm suddenly linked into hers, and when she saw it belonged to her dearest friend, Lady Louisa Carmichael, she smiled and leaned in closer. “I heard you’ve had to secure a room at the Roasted Pheasant for the night.”

“Where on earth do you dig up your information?”

“So, it’s not true.”

The young widow threw her head back on a laugh. “I didn’t say that.”

“Then you’re sharing my room tonight,” Amelia decided.

“Thank you for the offer, darling, but that’s bound to ruin all my fun. Speaking of which…” She slanted her gaze in the direction of the dance floor as the music trailed off. “I’ve promised the next dance to Lord Ambry.” She slid her arm free and spun about, directly into an approaching footman. A silver tray went flying one way and a folded note went the other. “Oh, dear!”

“We’re terribly sorry,” said Amelia, watching a stout grey-haired man walk over the note. It stuck to the sole of his shoe and went with him.

“Forgive me, m’lady,” muttered the footman, his head bent as he stooped to retrieve the tray. “I have a message for you.” He came back up, his gaze still on the ground. “Where did it go?”

“I believe it went to the dining buffet,” Amelia told him. A puzzled look crossed his face and she quickly added, “Not to worry, I’ll go after it.”

At that moment, Lord Ambry intercepted them with a shallow bow. Dark hair curled untamed around his cravat and eyes, a deep, deep blue, skipped right over Amelia to linger on Louisa. “Shall we?”

Amidst the flurry of Louisa sauntering off with the dashing Lord Ambry and Amelia striding toward the buffet table that had been set up along the ballroom wall, the footman was left to stand, staring after her.

Luck was on her side and Amelia found the note partly showing from beneath the creamy linen cloth that draped over the buffet table to the floor. The paper was thoroughly scuffed, but only a little sticky. She’d withdrawn to a shadowed area by the curved staircase before she thought to question whether the footman had been delivering the message to her or Louisa.

All doubt disappeared as she started reading and immediately recognised Thomas’s handwriting. As far as she was aware, Louisa had never even met him. No, this letter was clearly meant for her. She and Thomas had practically grown up together, but she hadn’t seen him since he’d left on his Grand Tour almost three years ago. Every three or four months, he'd sent her a letter detailing his travels and she'd cherished every single one of them.

We need to talk.
I’m at the Summer Lodge by the lake. Please hurry, it’s urgent. I’ll wait here until you come.
Thomas Brunes.

Amelia rushed up the staircase and down the passage to her room. She kicked her slippers off and rummaged through the wardrobe for a pair of sturdy walking boots and her thick, velvet coat. She grabbed the matching velvet hat, plumped it directly on her curls and tugged it down low enough to cover her ears.

Oh, how she’d missed Thomas. She hadn’t appreciated him nearly enough until he was no longer there to make her laugh, to tempt her into his outrageous schemes—to tease her! She hadn’t forgotten about that. But I still missed you like the devil would miss his fire if ever it were taken from him.

The second her boots were on, she hurried out, pulling her coat on as she went. To avoid the ballroom, she used a secondary staircase leading directly to the west wing. This part of the house was quiet and she saw no one as she passed through the library to the French doors that led outside. A thick blanket of snow covered the landscaped gardens and beyond as far as she could see. Moonlight glittered off the frozen lake and the row of tall elms beyond looked like giant white skeletons.

Amelia was halfway to the lake before she slowed her step, sucked in a frosty breath and gave proper thought to Thomas’s note. Why hadn’t he attended the ball if he was home? Why couldn’t he have come to see her up at the house? What could possibly be so urgent as to send her outside, alone, in the middle of this deathly cold, darkly silent night?

The lovely Wendy Soliman will be picking up the story on the 6th, so be sure to stop by to see where our story goes from here.

And don't forget: Each post will contain the name of a Christmas carol. As readers, you're asked to follow the blog and then post a comment on each entry naming that carol. The person with the most correct answers will win a bundle of SEVEN fabulous Carina historical novels to keep them entertained over the festive period, and beyond.

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Wendy Soliman said...

Thanks, Claire. A great start. Just wish I knew how I was supposed to follow on. Talk about setting the bar high!

Claire Robyns said...

Hee hee, possibly an alien abduction by rogue medieval dirigible pirates who got swept into a black hole centuries ago?

Joan said...

Yay! This is awesome! I'll be looking forward to every entry. Thank you to all of the brave writers.

(Silent Night!)

Kirsten Arnold said...


What a terrific start to a fun idea! I love that you all are doing this. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds.


Claire Robyns said...

Thanks Joan and Kirsten, this was fun to write and I'm waiting right along with you to see how this unfolds.

Susanna Fraser said...

Great start, Claire! I'm looking forward to seeing how so many different writers will play off this beginning.

DawnM said...

Why do I think confusion and mistaken identity will abound?

(Silent Night is the carol)


Alyssa Everett said...

What a great opening! I can't wait to meet Thomas in the next installment.

Eliza Knight said...

Claire this was fabulous!!! Great job :) I'm off to read the next installment!

Christi Barth said...

The carol is Silent Night. I can't wait to see what sexiness happens to the young widow!

Callie said...

I just love this idea! The beginning of the story is great. Silent Night is the carol, and now I'm off to read Part II. Fun.


Anonymous said...

This is fun! I'm off to the next one.

kog said...

Great opening. You've got me hooked.

I believe the carol is "Silent Night".

Chicks of Characterization said...

wow, this is awesome, can't wait to read on- the carol is "silent night!"


Courtney said...

This looks like such fun!

Today's carol is "Silent Night".

Gehayi said...

Definitely Silent Night.

The_Book_Queen said...

If I'm not too late to comment, it sounds like a wonderful little story that is about to unfold! :D

And the carol, as others already answered, is "Silent Night".


Stevie Carroll said...

Only just found this, but what fun.

And the first answer is 'Silent Night'.

Kathryn Merkel said...

I just came across this blog, so I hope I'm not too late to the party. Very intriguing start to the story. I'm off to read the next part.

Carol: Silent Night

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Shelley B said...

I just found this blog today because I follow Karen Erickson on Twitter. I'm starting from the beginning. Carol today is Silent Night.